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Danny Lenihan Author

A Knock at the Door: Book 2 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

A Knock at the Door: Book 2 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

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Jaxon Leith had no intention of leaving his apartment, let alone waking up from his restless slumber. He'd resigned himself to a life of relative solitude, but fate had other plans. An unexpected knock at the door shattered his solitary existence, thrusting him into the enigmatic realm of The Bleeds, alongside his friend Mylo, to meet a girl who would change everything.

As Jaxon waited in a dimly lit pub, a towering man consumed by fury stormed in, his sights locked onto a defenceless woman huddled in a corner. With a life hanging in the balance, Jaxon had no choice but to intervene, putting himself in harm's way to protect her. The world around him faded to black.

Six agonising hours later, Jaxon awoke in a frigid, solitary cell, his body wracked with pain and confusion. Trapped and isolated, he was left to ponder the consequences of that fateful decision.

"A Knock At The Door" is a riveting tale of suspense and serendipity, where a single moment in time irrevocably alters Jaxon's life. This gripping story is the second instalment in a series of dystopian short stories, a prelude to Danny Lenihan's critically acclaimed debut novel, "Rogue."

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