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Danny Lenihan Author

The Shout: Book 3 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

The Shout: Book 3 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

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In the desolate and unforgiving streets of The Bleeds, Jaxon's life hangs by a thread. A shout from behind pierces the bleak silence, and as he turns, he's met with the sight of a menacing stranger charging toward him, a tempest of anger etched across his face.

Jaxon's existence had become a cycle of dangerous favours and treacherous alliances, all in the name of survival. This time, he's agreed to help a street kid from the grim commune, entrusted with a heavy bag of cryptic contents meant for a mysterious old man in the heart of The Bleeds. The scars from his last act of goodwill still ache, a brutal reminder of the price he paid.

As the enraged stranger barrels toward him, Jaxon's resignation sets in; he believes this is the end, that death is inevitable. Little does he know, fate has other plans, and what unfolds next is beyond the scope of his wildest imagination.

"The Shout" marks the third gripping instalment in The Bleeds series—a pre-apocalyptic, dystopian London on the brink of chaos. This tale is a prelude to the critically acclaimed debut novel, "Rogue," offering a haunting glimpse into a world where survival often hinges on the most unexpected of moments.

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