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Danny Lenihan Author

Warning: Book 1 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

Warning: Book 1 of The Bleeds - eBook Edition

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Emily Harkness resided alone in The Bleeds, a dystopian corner of London, well aware that her world had a mere sixteen years left before it would meet its grim demise. Instead of succumbing to the looming despair, allowing the seeds of her misfortune to fester within her, and poisoning her mind and soul, Emily chose a different path. She embraced her remaining years, determined to savour every fleeting moment of joy.

One ordinary day, as she walked home from the store, a lifeless body plummeted from the sky, crashing right at her feet. Shock and fear sent her stumbling backward, but Emily quickly composed herself. Still trembling and overwhelmed by emotions, she continued her journey home, her solitude shattered.

Little did she know, she was no longer alone. A mysterious presence lurked behind her, an unsettling tap-tap-tap echoing ominously. A warning.

"WARNING" marks the beginning of a captivating collection of short stories set in the dystopian landscape of pre-apocalyptic London known as The Bleeds. This gripping prequel offers a glimpse into the critically acclaimed debut novel, "ROGUE," unveiling a world teetering on the brink of devastation.

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